Custom Made Flooring


ci Custom Made Carpets, have the ability to manufacture carpet to your specifications and designs in a choice of various gauges and constructions with an extensive database library of graphics and overtuft designs.


Our Custom Made Carpets Suitable for all areas of Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Cruise ships. One of our specialty’s is hotel bedrooms. Our unique overtuft facility can provide a ‘woven’ style pattern carpet, but at a fraction of the price.


Our expertise in design, custom dyeing and manufacturing allows us to quickly meet the demanding criteria so often required by this sector of the market.


We also have the capability of graphics tufting including 5m wide, offering even more choice.
Some of clients include major hotel chains, but we are also able to offer independent hotels a great service by having a minimum quantity for bespoke carpet of just 200 sq/m.


For more information on how we can meet your requirements, please contact us