HCI: Forming Partnerships With Some of the World’s Greatest Brands

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HCI: Forming Partnerships With Some of the World’s Greatest Brands


The next time you visit a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the world, take a closer look at the chair you’re sitting in or the table in front of you. Chances are good that they are from HCI, which recently announced a partnership with Gordon Ramsay to provide furniture – including both chairs and table tops – for the British celebrity chef’s restaurants.


Gordon Ramsay, of course, is one of the most popular chefs in the world, with restaurants not only in London but also in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Atlantic City, Bordeaux and Doha. His signature restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, is one of the most famous restaurants in the world and the winner of three Michelin stars. Altogether, Gordon Ramsay has more than 20 restaurants and eateries worldwide, and a combined 16 Michelin stars. Not only that – he’s also the host of a number of phenomenally popular competitive cooking shows in both the UK and United States. Altogether, he’s one of the most famous celebrities in the world and his restaurants are universally acclaimed for providing some of the finest dining experiences anywhere.


In many ways, the partnership between Gordon Ramsay and HCI is based on a common quest to provide the very best. Just as Gordon Ramsay has shown his uncompromising dedication to making every culinary experience exceptional, HCI takes the same pride in providing the world’s highest quality chairs and hard furnishings. In fact, HCI is now one of the premier suppliers of furniture to restaurants and hospitality brands across Europe.

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A list of HCI’s clients in the hospitality business is literally a who’s who of the most acclaimed hospitality brands in the world: Best Western, Dan Hotels (a luxury Israeli brand), Doubletree, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Radisson Blue, Ramada and Sofitel. Walk into any of their lobbies, conference rooms or meeting rooms, and you will probably see examples of HCI furnishings.


It’s not only that HCI provides such high-quality furnishings — it’s also the diverse and versatile lineup of furnishings that makes them a must-have for the world’s top brands. Thus, top hotel brands can go to HCI as a one-stop destination for conference chairs, wood chairs, aluminum chairs, tables, bar stools, hotel beds, and high-end Italian chairs.


That has led to an ever-growing list of top brands – not just those in the hospitality or restaurant business – that have turned to HCI to help with their furnishing needs. For example, Adidas recently partnered with HCI for meeting room furniture as well as distinctive furniture for breakout rooms. Adidas, of course, is one of the premier brands in the world, having partnered with some of the sporting world’s most visible celebrities on both clothing and equipment that is truly world-class.


HCI continues to provide one of the largest and most versatile selections of chairs in all of Europe. The company built its reputation on its high-quality furnishings for the hospitality business, and has now extended that to include partnerships with a growing number of the world’s premier brands. With the latest partnership with Gordon Ramsay, HCI has shown that its furnishings are truly worthy of being compared with the very best in the entire world.