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Hotel Contract Interiors is a favourite supplier of contract furniture to the industry. We have a broad client base, including many of the major hotels throughout the UK and Europe as well as some of the nation’s finest bars, restaurants and leisure facilities.


We continue to grow

by seeking an even broader range of innovative new products. Recent examples are our Wood Effect Chairs and our Flexi Chairs.


Our furnishings are carefully crafted to maintain versatility, functionality, and durability, the latter of which allows clients to save substantially on future maintenance and repair budgets.


Visit our portfolio sections to view a representative sampling of our current stock. However, bear in mind that we have a deep appreciation for the challenges and rewards of the design process and therefore offer a bespoke service at no extra cost.

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The design process

project management

Project Management

Our knowledge of client needs and our dedication to fulfilling the client’s design wishes set us apart. Personal service and project management is a key priority for Hotel Contract Interiors. Working alongside client’s architects and designers, we deliver dedicated service and project development assistance throughout the design, construction, and installation process. We have an incredibly good team who takes pride in its work. Our goal is to help you stretch your imagination and create an original, innovative custom look.


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